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Y’all were so helpful last week with the book suggestions. And I still haven’t picked up a new book but I plan on doing so right before my soccer game tonight.

Now, I am in search of music. Actually, a friend of mine wrote me last week asking me for suggestions and I’m an old hag. Lately, all I’ve been listening to are The Mountain Goats, Sparta, Bonnie Prince Billy, and Crooked Fingers. She knows of ‘em. I can’t learn her nothin.

Help me out, Internet. What’s on your iPod? Make me seem cooler than I really am.


  1. barbarian, that stronghold of individuals with impeccable musical taste, just recently did a poll of the 5 most recent albums they would consider a masterpiece. a small sampling of new stuff i found through this poll that i am finding to be lovely:

    john vanderslice – cellar door
    smog – a river ain’t too much to love
    mogwai – mr beast

    there are also brand spankin new albums by beck, tom waits, and david byrne which is always cause for excitement.

    to be honest, i am more a sister in hag-dom than one of these cool musical types. i’m sure one of them will post shortly enough.


  2. Lambchop – Damaged
    TV on the Radio – Return to Cookie Mountain

    Sparklehorse – Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain
    Yo La Tengo – I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass [worth it for that title alone]
    Midlake – The Trials Of Van Occupanther


  3. I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass



  4. That new Eric Bachmann is just about perfect.


  5. hehe…..I ‘ll send you an email….


  6. geoff stern’s gf asked me for some music ideas last week…

    this is what i recommended ( sorry i just copy+paste ):

    pay special note to Tara Jane O’Neil—she’s the girl version of everything you mentioned.


    The new Lebanon CD
    Six Parts Seven – Discography
    Tara Jane O’Neil – Discography
    The Mercury Program – Discography
    We’re From Japan – 48 minutes, 07 seconds then open air
    The Hold Steady – Boys And Girls In America
    Silversun Pickups – Carnavas
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, Architecture in Helsinki, Takka Takka – Tour EP Fall 2006
    Guitar – SaltyKisses
    komakino – Bloc Party Tour EP
    We are Scientists | Art Brut – split
    apples in stereo – tone soul evolution
    feist – open season remixes
    The whitest boy alive
    Foreign Born – In the Remote Woods
    kammerflimmer kollectif – Absencen
    Dirty On Purpose – Discography


  7. I’m in a similar rut, listening mostly to old favorites, but as far as newer stuff I’ve listened to and liked recently, I’ll second Missy’s suggestion of TVotR’s newest.

    I’ve gotten a few other suggestions from friends, so after I check them out for myself, I’d be happy to report back.


  8. Since you’re thinking about a trip to India I suggest:

    Cheb I Sabbah—Krishna Lila

    Tabla Beat Science—Tala Matrix

    Alla Rakha and Ravi Shankar—Raga Jogeshwari from The Spirit of India album [it’s an hour of music for $5 from iTunes, how could you not?]

    and I throw in another vote for TVotR plus I’ll add Deerhoof—The Runners Four


  9. I’m biased, but you should check out the new Channels record. It really rocks and you’ll love the political undertones.
    I also love Brandon Butler, The Life and Times, and Rebecca Gates.


  10. is that the same rebecca gates who was in the spinanes?


  11. im with ashley on this one –
    smog-a river aint too much to love (any of his albums, actually)

    any mogwai

    anything by townes van zandt


  12. Ok, since you asked…here is what is floating about on my ipod….

    *Amadou & Mariam (A killer group from Mali, Africa)

    The Arcade Fire
    *Bloc Party
    *Cold Play
    *Death Cab for Cutie
    *Emmanuel Jal (This guy used to be a child soldier in the Sudan)
    *Jack Johnson (Hey, I have a 5 year-old…)
    *M.I.A. (Cool Sri Lankan hiphop chick from London)
    *MC Solaar (French rap)
    *Mecano (a band from Spain)
    *Nits (A dutch band)
    *Panjabi MC (A great hip hop artist of Indian descent from London)
    *The Postal Service
    *Wyclef Jean


  13. “im with ashley on this one – smog-a river aint too much to love (any of his albums, actually)”



  14. also, support your local musicians!
    i love, love, love the fiery furnaces.
    eleanor is hottttt.


  15. The Freckles! First EP is to be released in 2013.


  16. this week i downloaded the new Iron Maiden and Michael Jackson’s “Invincible”
    (suggestions from a friend). i have to say that i am pleasantly surprised by both. go figure.


  17. ever heard of Ray LaMontagne?(album is “trouble” awesome)

    but seriously, puffy (hahahaha)


  18. since so many of you like smog, you really should check out Tara Jane O’Neil. she’s the girl version of smog, without the pretentiousness of catpower, but still the cred

    she was the bass player from rodan, which is quite possibly the best math rock band ever

    she played ian svneonius’s little sister in a movie about a fake dc indie rock band, which is absurd

    and she was in the sonora pine & retsin too, and did 2 albums with ida (who i can’t stand, but people always seem to love them).

    there aren’t any mp3s on her site, but she’s in itunes store.


  19. The new PlusMinus is really really good.

    Its 2 guys from Versus, plus 2 other guys ( one of which is good friends with Kimba and his wife, who Toby knows. Not sure if you’ve met them Mihow )


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