My Luck With Cell Phones Might Not Be As Bad As I Thought.

For kicks, I plugged in my black Razr this morning. You know, the one I washed not three months ago. It’s without a SIM card because the one I do have is currently sitting in the pink Razr I lost on Friday. But wouldn’t you know, the phone is working. I’m not sure what to do at this point. Do I go into TMobile and ask for a new SIM card? Do they replace SIMs? Can I keep the same number? Hopefully, I won’t need to buy a new phone.

Update: Well, the phone works. Sort of. I can hear everyone just fine. It even has all my old numbers, pictures, and ringtones. There is a catch, however. Apparently people can’t really hear me. This, for some, might be considered a perk. Eventually, when I have some money, I will need to buy yet another phone but this ghetto Razr might have to work for now.


  1. When I submerged my Razr, the last feature to return was the microphone. For about a month or so, I had to use my Bluetooth headset exclusively in order to be heard.

    Now it works like a champ with or without the headset. Of course, I didn’t send it through a complete laundry wash.



  2. I remembered you had said that. Awesome. So there might be a chance… I don’t have a headset but TJ might.

    I could test one out and see if it works. Maybe it will come back after a bit? Thanks, Charlie.


  3. I think you should go into TMobile… as I know your number will be kept.


  4. Thanks, Mike! And it worked out. I do have the same number. Thank goodness!


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