Today's News: The Good. The Bad.

I have good news and bad news. I’ll start with the positive. The woman from the New York Athletic Club wrote me back about the soccer league. She was super kind and reassuring. I’m going to actually play on Wednesday and am giddy with excitment but I do need to buy a pair of shoes and some shinguards and we’re hurting a little financially at the moment.

Today, I purchased a new and much needed pair of running shoes from Slope Sports in Park Slope. They were incredibly helpful. I moved away from the Asics, which have served me really well over the last couple of years. I was really torn between this shoe and this shoe. In the end, I got the Sauconys. In a few weeks I’ll probably head back and get the other pair. Can’t have too many shoes! My ankles are sighing in relief.

Speaking of running, I ran 8 miles last night. I was really proud of myself. At mile 3, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t last. But I stuck with it. I got my second wind on mile 5 and was able to stick it out for another three. Still, I can’t imagine how people run 26 miles. Next week, I’ll shoot for 10.

The bad news is, my cell phone fell out of my pocket last night an into the back seat of a cab. I didn’t realize this until the next morning when I reached into my small pant pocket to find it missing.

I have been beating myself up about it all day long. We tried to call it and it goes straight to voicemail. It’s either dead, stolen, or someone has turned it off. Either way, I have no phone (again) and I am not pleased with myself today. The pride I gained last night is now gone. What an ass. :[ Now would be a great time for the black one to work again, you know, the one I washed not two months ago.

Seriously, people, I feel like an ass.


  1. I am sorry to hear about the cell phone…
    I can tell you that I have been wearing Saucony’s for quite some time and love them. I hope they work for you!


  2. mihow, my lovely-
    you can always buy stuff.
    but can you always run 8 miles?
    that is so awesome.
    im sorry about your phone but im thrilled with your running.
    i think of you whenever i want to give up.
    i only run three miles and whinge about it to everyone. the fact that i know you are struggling with twice the distance makes me work harder.
    so, at least know that although you may occasionally lose or wash your electronic children, you are still a fitness(and culinary) icon to me. xxoo


  3. don’t worry, stuff is just stuff. believe me, I know the feeling of regret when you do something that you’re strapped for the moment and then something happens that makes the situation absolutely worse, but remember its not the stuff that makes life beautiful, its you and tobyjoe. and the kitties. and you will get another cell phone, and you’ll figure it out financially, and six months from now, everything will still be OK in mihow and tobyjoe land and you’ll realize that these little moments are just adventures you take with each other to let you know life will never be boring. and they wont EVER stop.


  4. I’m so happy to hear that you will be playing soccer! Your adventures have also inspired me to get back out to the rugby field. I returned to practice last week, and I’ve made plans to play in a tournament in the Adirondacks next month (so I have a lot of work to do). And now, on Monday nights, I have somehow found myself playing softball with a bunch of teachers from the local high school (their shortstop and I played softball years ago in graduate school). So tonight I’ll be in the outfield for the “Eddy Specials.”

    As for the negative stuff, I think aimee makes a great point. None of the things that are bothering you now will matter in six months. Hell, they may not even matter in a couple of weeks.


  5. you don’t seem to be too lucky with cellphones, hm? sorry to hear that but you should nevertheless be very proud of yourself for the eight miles. that’s pretty awesome! :)


  6. 8 miles! That’s terrific, Michele.


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