Bye Bye World Cup.

Well, the World Cup has come to an end. I actually started crying into my New York Times Sports Section this morning. As many already know, I have grown absolutely obsessed with football over the past month. I can’t even put words behind how fantastic it’s been. I take a great long sigh seeing this World Cup come to an end.

Seriously, though, what in God’s name happened to Zidane? I gotta tell ya if he was actually called a dirty terrorist that might warrant a head butt or two but he should have waited until after the game.

Spain and Brazil won the Fair Play award.

“The FIFA Fair Play Award is given to the team with the best record of Fair Play, sportsmanship and good conduct both on and off the pitch, according to a points system and criteria established by the FIFA Committee for Ethics and Fair Play.”

My most favorite moment was probably when England beat Ecuador and we watched Nevada Smith’s explode with joy. My least favorite moment was when England lost against Portugal and we watched grown men and women cry. (America losing to Ghana comes in close second.)

My most favorite player to giggle at was Peter Crouch. (Oh, and if you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest watching this video of Peter Crouch dancing.) 6 foot 7, dude. 6 foot 7. His shinguards are as long as my legs.

The player I most enjoyed looking at was probably Mc Bride although, Beckham is really very easy on the eyes.

Gerrard stole my heart but that’s because he reminds me of my friend, Dan.

I have a new found admiration for Hislop who, I am told, is joining an American team next year.

Tobyjoe and I have discussed going to South Africa for the next World Cup but there’s a good possibility I’ll be with small child by then.

It’s really sad to see it come to an end.

Here’s to four more years…


  1. I feel the void too. I watched the game yesterday down at Bedrock and that was really.

    According to El Pais, brasilian lip reading experts say Materazzi called Zidane’s sister is a whore. Eiither way it was a pretty spectacular ‘cabezazo.’

    If it’s any consolation at all a new season of Reno 911 started last night…


  2. Bedrock is showing the games? awwwwww, I miss that place.

    Hey, we’re gonna be in DC on the 22nd for a Wedding party. We should get a quick lunch somewhere. (We arrive at noonish and leave the next morning for Rhode Island. But I’d love to see you if you’re around!)


  3. Bedrock must get Fox Soccer because they even air the UK Premier League games there. We watched yesterday’s game on golgolgolgolgol golaso UPN.

    I think I’ll be around on the 22nd and would love to see you!


  4. Wow. Watching the Primier League matches at bedrock sounds like a hell of a fun few hours.


  5. beckham has great hair. i’ve been trying to work some magic on mine just like his. you know, a little fauxhawk action.


  6. Last time i saw shots of you, I do believe you were freshly shaved, no? Do I remember incorrectly?

    More pics!


  7. yes i was. i had shorn myself about 5 days before the big day. But i’ve been having a little fun experimenting… i even bought some “product”. my first ever. I’ll be sure to send a pic :)


  8. i was just wondering: did any of the great atmosphere in germany throughout the four weeks make it to the US at all? cause i thought that was one of the greatest things about the WC. the fact that it actually was a big, overall friendly and fun party in germany… and HA, we only have to wait two years for the european cup ;) it in switzerland & austria, maybe you could come for that?


  9. Maybe, Kim! I might be with small child, but who cares! Mmmmmm Switzerland.


  10. After watching the final game, I’m a big fan of France’s Henry <;. He played his little heart out and the whole Zidane thing must have really spoiled the last half for him.


  11. Yeah, Henry was another favorite this year. He and Zidane were supposed to win the game for them.


  12. i like saying henry’s name. you know, everyone’s taking a piss on ol’ Zidane and I have to disagree. he was sent off in the first minutes of the second overtime period. he had been playing balls out soccer for 110 minutes. And he was still making magic on that field. I refuse to throw him under the bus just because he got pissed and headbutted that smarmy dude, I probably would have done it to. in my opinion, he didn’t let anyone down. the team wins and the team loses. he did everything he could to bring the world cup home for france.


  13. Oh, honey, I agree absolutely. Tobyjoe and I were right there with you.


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