Someone Explain This To Me.

When I first saw this article over on Gothamist, I started to believe in God. And then I read it.

“A TA spokesman couldn’t say when service would be boosted. It will take at least several months – and at least $320,000 in signal-related work – before the older cars can operate on the rails along with the newer high-tech rigs that were put in service between February 2002 and July 2003.”

So, let me get this straight, they have been “fixing” the tracks to maintain the newer trains and now that they’re going to add more cars (which should have been thought about before) back onto the tracks they have to go back and update all the work they did to accommodate the new cars back in 2002? Are you kidding me?

Why not bring in new cars? Why not take new cars from other lines and let other lines without the new tracks use the old ones? I simply DO NOT understand the freaking MTA. Yes, the L Train sucks, but I’m starting to believe that there are a bunch of morons running the MTA. It’s either that or the seemingly bad decisions were put into place out of greed. Penny pinch and this is what happens. The users pay the price.

Does this mean the L Train riders will have to endure yet another year’s worth of station closings?

Tobyjoe, it’s time to make babies and hit the burbs.


  1. Let’s make burbs and hit the babies!


  2. Stuff like this just encourages people to use their cars and clog up the streets.

    Why don’t people think AHEAD?

    Something similar happened when my hometown built their new YMCA. Within the first year they were ripping down walls to make it bigger because they grossly underestimated how many people would want to use the new facilities.



  3. The L issue is less to blame for the MTA and more for the NYC city council.

    CIty council pushed forward all of the rezoning without requiring any sort of infrastructure changes before new buildings go up ( ie: streets, subways, fire dept, schools). So the MTA was pretty much out-of-the-loop in terms of mass ridership changes. In about 2 years, the L will be completely unuable.

    You can thank blatant corruption for that: everyone on the NYCCouncil had essentially their entire campaigns bankrolled by williamsburg developers last march.


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