Michele and Tobyjoe Bake Scones.

It has begun. I’m going to figure out – once and for all – if I like scones. Tonight we’re making cranberry oat scones. Wish the scones luck.

Preheat the oven to 375.

I laid a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet. I set it aside.

Then I removed all cats from your kitchen. (No cats. Cats are bad for food. But cats are good all other times.)

Here is a shot of all the ingredients I needed to make the horrid scones.

I mixed together all the dry ingredients. (Flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, and baking powder.)

I sifted them together.

Cutting it into pieces, I added my cold, unsalted butter.

Using two knives I cut it up so it formed a crumb-like mixture.

I added my rolled oats.

I added the dried cranberries.

I added some zest. (Lemon or orange. I used an orange).

Here is what it looked like. Pretty!

Then, I ruined it and mixed it together.

I added buttermilk. This is me with the buttermilk. I had trouble finding it. Whole Food’s was sold out. Shocking.

I stirred it all together.

And then I floured my surface.

I kneaded it lightly. (4 or 5 times.)

I formed a 7-inch circle and cut into 8 triangles. (We used a pizza cutter. Cool, eh? Misshapen, but cool!)

I took the triangles and placed them on the parchment covered cookie sheet.

I took a large egg and cracked that bitch into a bowl.

I added a tablespoon of milk. Wisked them together like one might a scrambled egg for breakfast. (We used buttermilk because we don’t have any milk. We carry soy milk but no milk).

I painted the mixture onto the top of the scones. (This was super fun.)

And then I baked it for 15 – 18 minutes. (I always err on the side of caution.)

When they were finished, I removed them and turned the oven on broil.

I sifted quite a bit of powdered sugar onto the top of each one.

Finally, I broiled them for no more than a minute or two.

And look! A SCONE!

Technically, the sugar should have caramelized more but I’m a moron and didn’t realize where the broiler was on our oven. Toby figured out what I had done, but it was too late. I was worried that they would overcook, so we only broiled them for about 30 seconds. This is why the tops aren’t totally caramelized.

To view the recipe, click here.


  1. good luck- remember don’t eat all the dough. although good- a cooked scone is just as nice.


  2. Holy shit, you are awesome.
    I hope they taste good…maybe you will have a new passion, and sell them on your commute to work at the train station. LOL.


  3. I love the play by play!! If only I were that dedicated when I cooked something fun!!

    Hope they’re tasty!


  4. We actually ordered these from the thai place. We used the mush michele created for the photos to make molds of body parts.


  5. You ass. You’re supposed to be the person to write about how awesome they are/were. You’re fired. That would probably please you. On second thought, YOU’RE FOREVER MY BAKE SLAVE!

    Sarah, that’s very funny. Imagine how many damn scones I’d have to make. This recipe makes only 8. Insane.


  6. They’re delish. But I’m a scone pushover. Next time, slivered almonds on top, and a proper broiling of the sugar.


  7. I need a really, really unbiased person. Believe me, I can take the crit. If they suck or can be a lot better, I want to know!

    I’m unsure how to store these, however. Must look that up.


  8. They don’t suck. Don’t be a dildo. They’re very good. On par with those sold at dean and deluca, at least. Perfect with an espresso, I imagine (and will find out after the gym tomorrow morn!)


  9. For the record, scones are to be stored individually wrapped in plastic (and at room temp) or in an air-tight containter at room temp.

    I guess it would help to post the actual recipe, eh?


  10. omg these pics are great…keep them for your GRANDKIDS when you have them.


  11. mail me some.
    i’ll tell you how they are.
    nice apron. xxxooo


  12. I’m hooked! Tonight, I think I’ll try cheddar. Or maybe tomorrow. Probably tomorrow. They are quite yummy! Who knew?

    I might just do that, Heather. Email me your address,


  13. god, if any pastry/bread item can withstand the post, its a scone.
    i want cheddar.mmmmmmm.


  14. Definately delectable or delight-eddible either way.. double the recipe- for the base- split in half. then you can do half cran-orange and half cheddar. both will go well with espresso, wine, tea, g-n-t, guiness :)


  15. DonaldEugene, I am a Scommie.


  16. I was drinking a g&t (Hendrick’s and Schweppes) last night with mine, Raphaelle.


  17. I love! homemade scones! And your apron, too. : )


  18. shopping advice for next time:

    buying oats from the ‘bulk bin’ at the health food store is the cheapest way to get them. costs .89->.99 /lb. a 2lb container of quaker oats is $5 at the supermarket. needless to say, i cook a lot with them which is how i found that out.

    almonds/cranberries/etc are super cheap at trader joes.


  19. I love scones. I have another recipe that I always use that makes them soft and cakey. Mmmmm. I love that you added cranberries. Mmmm.

    My recipe doesn’t use any baking soda, no eggs, cream instead of buttermilk, and I like adding currants or chocolate chips. I am glad you like the recipe, or I’d make you try mine, because they are really good!


  20. HARRUMPH!!!!!!!!!


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