Even Cheaper If You Steal Them.

WalMart made the news again. Someone has been stealing copies of Cheaper By The Dozen from WalMart stores in Beckley, MacArthur, Summersville, Lewisburg and neighboring Virginia. 270 copies of the film have been swiped. The perps are still at large.

A man and woman were captured by video surveillance that showed the pair entering the Beckley store and getting a shopping cart and storage container. They were briefly joined by three other people. The man and woman then went to the electronics department, where the man stuffed the DVDs into the storage container, Efird said.

They also stole 22 copies of Hollowman 2. You tell me.


  1. Is this some kind of ironic prank designed to call attention to WalMart’s business practice of leveraging its buying power with manufacturers? Crime spree or performance art? You decide …


  2. I wish I had seen either movie. I feel like I could read a lot more into it if I had. Thing is, is it worth seeing either movie in order to do so? Probably not. :]

    Did anyone see Cheaper By the Dozen?


  3. I’ve seen the first version (1950) and loved it, read the book too!


  4. Couldn’t even steal decent movies. If you’re going to go through all the trouble of being a thief, at least pick some stuff you want to watch. :)

    The current version of Cheaper by the Dozen is ok…Bonnie Hunt is in it so it makes it watchable. CbtD 2 is not even worth a rent. You want a good big family story? Watch the original Yours, Mine and Ours, starring Lucille Ball, Henry Fonda and a very, very young Tim Matheson. That’s good stuff.

    Stealing Hollowman 2? No idea why.


  5. I would have called Cheaper By the Dozen Two “Baker’s Dozen.” But I have no reasoning behind that at all.

    I don’t know jack abouot Hollowman but something leads me to believe that the perps are one of two things: A). Mentally retarded, or B). brilliant and I am just not clued in on their secret.


  6. Could it be an attempt to save people from watching awful movies?

    I hope so… or maybe they loved the movies so much that they’ll doing some early xmas heisting.


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