England Vs. Trinidad

Somewhere along the line I picked up a crush on Hislop, the goalie for Trinidad and Tobago. And I found myself rooting for them the entire time I was at the gym watching the first half of their second game. They have a decent defense, which is how they fought off Sweden but their offense needs a little help. Plus, they are ranked number 46 and I have to love a team ranked 46.

I sat down just now to write a post about how watching Hislop feels like watching the computer casually play Breakout on Atari when the BBC page in the background refreshed and began to spit out goals for England.

England won, 2/0. I missed the actual goals but I guess Hislop can’t stop everything.

In related news, Nora just sent me an email about this book. She writes:

It’s a collection of essays about the soccer culture in every country represented in this years Cup. It will help feed the mania!

Today, Tobyjoe and I are going to buy mitts to play catch after work. Perhaps I’ll grab this book as well.

Poor Trinidad but England’s pretty rad, too. And check out Crouch’s legs!

All shots from the BBC Photo Gallery


  1. I forgot this was even on! I really have to find out when England’s playing again. David Beckham will always be gorgeous to me – that’s one of many reasons to watch.

    I wonder how those photographers catch such great shots? Those are fantastic! I suppose it’s the high-speed cameras they have.


  2. Maddie, he’s cute and all but it looks like someone let the air out of his wife, Posh.

    I love those pictures. If you have time, go check out the rest. They are fantastic. Although, did anyone watch the game? One of the players from TnT had his balls hit pretty hard during the fist half. He went down and had his hands down his pants holding his junk. He was hurt. Anyway, after a while, he got up and while exiting the field, he took a bottle of water the coach (?) had given him, pulled his pants out by their elastic and poured the water down his pants.

    I let out an audible “awwwwwwww” while on the treadmill. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure most everyone around me thinks I have tourettes.


  3. Posh is a stick. Not healthy-looking at all.

    My god, that sounds painful. Hope he’s ok. It looks like from the pictures that they really put everything they have into playing…really amazing.

    While watching the news on the treadmill, I’ve let out a laugh or comment, forgetting where I am. Thought it was just me. :)


  4. Oh god no. During the USA match I was letting the F+cks and Sh+ts fly. It wasn’t pretty.


  5. I fear my kids may get expelled from their fancypants private school because I curse like a drunken rugby player at their soccer games (because, well, I am a drunken rugby player …). I bellow instructions and cheers and curses and if Kerry isn’t poking me in the ribs for cursing, she’s snickering at me because my voice cracks like Peter Brady’s.

    I guess it’s time to change who I am into what I’m going to be … sha-na-na-na-NA-na na-na-na.


  6. It took England more than 80 minutes to crack T&Ts defense. They may have lost but they played a great game.

    I was going to quit cussing for my new years resolution but john stewart just makes it look too cool.


  7. I work with someone from Trinidad—he got a soccer update phone call in the middle of a staff meeting today. I also work with someone from Tobago.


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