Having Stinky Feet Finally Paid Off.

Tobyjoe and I went to Paragon Sports at Union Square on Thursday to pick up a mitt and some running gear. I was seduced by Prana and this shirt while we were there. I discovered a new brand as well. (I also discovered that I went down an entire pant size. Granted, I don’t seem to be losing weight according to our scale but I’m trying not to pay too much attention to that.)

Yesterday, I thought I’d wear the new Lolë shorts and my new Columbia button-down. I felt happy.

We met Missy and Ryan to watch the USA/Italy World Cup match. After that ended, we all had dinner at Sweetwater where I dropped a big fat glob of olive oil onto my new shirt. I was not too happy.

When I got home I did a little research on the Internet and read that talc powder, if left on for an extended amount of time, has been know to absorb oil stains. The bad news is I didn’t have any actual talc powder. The good news is I did have Gold Bond Foot Powder whose first ingredient happens to be talc. The even better news is my shirt is now spotless.

I love the Internet. I also love the fact that my feet are stinky and sweaty and gross enough to have Gold Bond Foot Powder just lying around the house.

Oh, and GO USA!


  1. It’s also good for jock itch.


  2. I love how jock itch always finds a way to work itself into the discussions.


  3. ew. and thank you mihow for showing me prana. yet another great bit of info picked up here on my favourite website.


  4. Prana is fantastic. Tobyjoe and I discoverd them about a year or so ago and I haven’t been able to stay away. Toby even wears their men’s shirts. It’s so comfy.


  5. Just checking in.
    I swear by Ammends for feet. Eliminates the worst in stanks.


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