Mary Gaitskill, Jonathan Lethem, and Built To Spill.

A few weeks ago, I went ahead an purchased two tickets to see Jonathan Lethem read at BAMcafé. While there, I realized that Mary Gaitskill is reading as well. Currently, some of us are reading her over on Spread. We’re reading Two Girls, Fat and Thin. The book has spawned many of weird and disturbing conversations. I can’t wait to see her in person. Assuming I don’t totally freak out, I plan on asking her a few questions.

I know that back in October, I vowed that I was giving up live music shows forever. But this time, I couldn’t resist. Tobyjoe got us two tickets to see Built to Spill at Irving Plaza. They are performing three shows. I can’t remember what day we’re going. There are still tickets, if anyone is interested. They’re playing with Camper Van Beethoven. Am I the only person who thought they were no longer around? I used to freaking love that band back in high school thanks to Nico. That should be pretty OK.

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