Conspiracy Theories. Why Do We Love Them So?

I’m listening an interview on the radio right now about conspiracies surrounding 9/11. Today, Maddow interviewed Mark Jacobson of New York Magazine who recently wrote an article on a new generation of conspiracy theorists. I’ve always been a little blown away by the number of people who believe that the administration KNEW about the attacks all along and basically let it happen as a way to further their agenda. Mark Jacobson said that out of the people he interviewed, white people picked option B., which basically suggests that the administration was just slopppy but didn’t actually know it was going to happen. He said the almost every African American person believed that the Administration knew about it and did nothing to stop it. They believed in the most extreme conspiracy, which was option C. That’s pretty interesting information and it makes one wonder. But, I think what I’m more fascinated by is the fact that people are so willing to buy into and believe in a conspiracy theory. Why do you think this is?

Granted, I come up with new ones each and every day. Just ask Tobyjoe. The most recent one was how I decided that Bush is actually a Democrat trying to ruin the chances of a Republican ever being voted back into office. And sometimes, I actually get worried that if I slip one more notch down on the sanity spectrum, I might start to actually believe them. But for those who really do actually believe them now? How and why?

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  1. i believe in the “pentaverite!” the queen, the gettys, the rothschild and colonel sander before he went tets up.


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