Underpants and Wet Lips.

I started wearing underpants. That’s right. Tobyjoe and I visited Vickie’s Secret this weekend and I spent 150 bucks on underpants. I’ll see if I can stick with it.

While there, I also picked up some of these. They’re great and all, but since I’m dieting (again) every time I wear the brown one, the one called “Latte”, I want to eat my own lips off. Kinda like that dog did to that French lady.

I’d take a picture of my own wet-lipped face, but the gratuitous self-portrait thing is starting to make me squirmy. (Unless, of course, it’s on a pair of underpants.)

Based on the title, you totally expected this post to be about something else, didn’t you? To quote the teenage mihow, “PHSYCH! FACE!”


  1. What did you wear before you wore underpants?


  2. Nothing. :/ I never really liked them.

    But I found some called “Body”. I think. They’re nice and soft.


  3. so, you haven’t explained why you’ve chosen to get back on the drawers wagon….


  4. Why… they’re sexy! Only not the ones I got.


  5. Woo! Panties! You didn’t linky to the ones you bought. VS’s boyshorts are way nice. If you’re a non-panty girl, you might find them to be wayyy comfy.

    I am jealous of the lipgloss.

    And yes, dirty title. :)


  6. I’m confused by your motives woman!
    You really decided to force yourself into under britches cause they are sexy?


  7. “Why… they’re sexy!”

    You know.. most of us guys find a girl wearing the right underthings sexier than a girl wearing none at all.

    I’d bet TJ is the same way


  8. Well, after 13 years, I figured I’d give it a shot. Plus, I dunno. I am testing something. If you folks REALLY want to know, send me an email and then I’ll decide if i want to tell you.

    I just left the gym and realized I had forgotten to put it BACK on after my shower. Now, I have underpants in my purse.

    I swear to God I don’t make this shit up.

    They just don’t come as “normal” to me.

    TJ likes the easy access, Jon.

    *family members, forgive me for being so damn crude today. :[


  9. NOW I can finally say …

    I see England
    I see France
    I see Mihow,s UNDERPANTS !



  10. But now we can’t tell this really cool joke:

    One Mihow ran in to tell Momhow, “Some nice boys were pushing me real high on the swings.”

    Momhow,”Oh Mihow, don’t you know that they were just trying to look at your underpants.”

    The very next day.

    “Momhow, those nice boys were pushing me really high on the swings again.”

    Momhow:”Oh Mihow, they were just trying to see your underpants.”

    Mihow:”That’s OK, I fooled them. I din’t wear any!.”


  11. My goodness, Mike-the-Mick AND girl27 all in one day!

    I am beside myself with joy. :]

    Good to see you two.


  12. The phrase “going Mihow” will now be completely ambiguous. No one will know if you’re referring to wearing or not wearing underpants.


  13. yo. i just started ‘going mihow.’
    now this?
    wheres the solidarity?
    well, good luck.


  14. Now, now. I only bought three pairs. So unless I’m going to wear them dirty, I’ll merely be a part-time panty wearer. The rest of the days I am “going mihow”.

    I’m not sure I’m loving the underpants, yet. We’ll see.


  15. My brain is slowly wrapping itself around the concept that you’ve been going commando all this time that I’ve known you, and I have to say, it’s made me feel much better this morning.


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