An Internet History Told Through Posters.

Many, many moons ago, while living and working in D.C., I created a graphic featuring a close-up of my face on a pair of pink undergarments. I wish I could remember why I created this particular graphic, but I don’t. (If anyone else does, please do tell.) I created posters pretty regularly back then. One might say I had a lot of time on my hands. I worked at a place and was rarely busy. So I came up with posters. Usually they were directly related to something commentors and myself were discussing that day. I created them with one purpose: To make people laugh. I had so much fun creating these on a whim, so much fun.

Some folks may have seen these before while others may not have. Either way, I’m going to share them (again).

There was the time a bunch of regulars admitted to liking scones more than muffins. I am a muffin lover. This poser was created. As well as this one. I’m still not a fan of scones.

There was the time Nico said something about how a friend of her and George’s said that Asian girls have softer pubic hair. I created this poster. Speaking of Nico, I found this one but I have no idea why it was created.

There was the time Andrea said she had some margaritas over lunch. And she was acting kind of loopy which was out of character and it made me smile. I created this poster for her.

One time, a friend of ours named Mike Essl said something about peeing on someone. He really likes Mr. T. I know nothing more about this one’s history. Similarly, I have no idea what the hell this was made in response to. I created this one for Amanda B. Again, I don’t remember why. But I love the fact that I ripped off my own joke. (haha)

There was the time someone wrote about making coffee at work only to find that by the time she returned for a cup all of her coworkers had drank it. I told her to replace the creamer with a laxative. And I created this poster for her. It’s probably my second most favorite. Speaking of office fluids, one time Missy was complaining about the taste of the water at work and I created this one for her.

I don’t remember why I created this one but it’s my favorite. (I love that one.)

And there were little things, too, like this and this and this. I have no idea why I combined Rita Perlman with Ron Jeremy, but here is that monster.

So, yesterday, for shits and giggles, I went over to Flickr and uploaded the old graphic featuring my face on a pair of pink underpants. Here is the graphic:

They came with a bra, too:

and a shirt:

Well, much to my pleasant surprise, shi10 has taken my face panties and animated them for me.

I miss those days, actually, in terms of my online history. And I love it when things come back around. Thanks, shi10. Thanks, Flickr.


  1. this is without a doubt, my favourite girl.
    all of it is brilliant.
    i want the mihowfaceshirt.


  2. I didn’t realize how long I had been reading your site until I recognized nearly all of the posters. So funny. The animated one is kind of freaky, if you keep looking at it.


  3. Best not to stare at it for too long. Seriously, I think you might go blind. It’s either that or you’ll end up stupid.


  4. I didn’t go blind, but my palms are a bit hairier.


  5. Coffuckyourself is my favorite.


  6. Coffuckyourself is my favourite too. It caused belly-laughter out loud when I was at work today.


  7. no way! bunny rove is tops in my book!


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