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Today I’m mourning the death of my vacation for tomorrow it’s back to work.

This image was taken on New Years Eve. I think that I’m actually dancing. Actually, I have no idea what I’m doing. This one is particularly special.

On an unrelated note, I watched March of the Penguins over the holiday. While doing so, I had the most irrational thoughts. Questions were uttered. Questions like, “Why can’t we collect them all in buses and move them to Pittsburgh or Detroit?” and “4 Months without food? After walking 70 miles in -58 degree weather? Why aren’t these documentary filmmakers giving them a snack?” Another: “Aren’t there any McDonald’s out there?” And another: “How do they not eat their own eggs once they screw up the transaction from the mom to the dad and the embryos freeze to death?” And “Why did that many penguins let ONE asshole bird eat that baby?”

I asked question after question and half-expected an answer. If someone can put me in contact with the filmmakers, that’d be great. I am having trouble sleeping.

My conclusion: Penguins are slightly crazy but should all be considered for sainthood. Nature wasn’t fair to them yet they make the best of it. We could stand to learn from them about community and not killing ones own kind even while starving and freezing to death. Plus, they live on a continent sporting at least 70 miles without a McDonald’s.

I’ll drink to these zoot suit wearing birds.


  1. I want to see that. It’s amazing how they pass the baby back and forth and waddle around with it on their feet.

    That pic is awe-some. Here’s a new word I came across last night for the new year: Chillax. As in “to chill and relax”. Ex.- “I like to smoke fatties and chillax.”.



  2. i didnt get why they take such care to get them raised, yet when a nasty bird comes to eat one, they are like “eh.”


  3. One day when Kerry was working and the kids were not in school, I took them to see this movie. Pippy wailed throughout. Granted, she cries when Kerry kills a mosquito, but I could see why this was too much for her. I think she had as many questions as you (but she has the restraint of a five-year old).

    In fact, I just aksed the critters what they thought of the movie, and Pippy looked at me earnestly and said quietly “I didn’t like it” and Owen piped up “It’s coming out on DVD now and we can get it!” Pippy says she doesn’t want it. Henry is playing spongebob on his x-box and is breathing through his mouth.

    This movie was rated “G” but I think it should have been rated PG and called “The Death March of the Penguins.”


  4. I got caught up with a bunch of single girls. I didn’t call you guys out of courtesy, not being a bad friend.

    Happy New Year.


  5. I’ve been off of work for so long that it seems like I can no longer recall what it is, exactly, that I do for a living. And given that the transit strike happened just as I was finishing up for the year, I’m not sure I remember how to get to work.


  6. Happy New Year, Mihow

    Re: penguins – I thought that was an intriguing movie and “life process” also…
    I saw Madagascar last week with my nieces and had quite the chuckle when the crazy penguins wanted to escape the relative sanctuary of the Central Park Zoo for their life in the wild.


  7. Andrea, yep.

    Charlie, your daughter reminds me of me. Whatever you do DO NOT ever EVER show her Watership Down. I beg of you.

    Missy, I hear ya. I had to rethink my commute today. While on the 4/5/6 I thought, “Wow I haven’t been here in a long, long time.” Yeah.


  8. maybe I fell asleep…I don’t remember one penguin eating another.

    incidentally, if you’re interested, there’s a little real-life slice of march of the penguins on fickr here.


  9. No penguins ate any penguins, goofy. A hawk did. Jeesh. PAY ATTENTION TO THE PENGUINS!


  10. ohhhh…”asshole bird” = hawk. now I remember the part you mean!


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