Nappy Shoe Hair!

Funny thing about my being away from the computer, I have lost that habitual desire to update my Web site.

Toby Joe and I have had the entire week off between Christmas and New Years. It’s been lovely to say the least. We watched a lot of movies. We consumed a massive amount of food. We baked. We watched the T.V. We had drinks with friends. We took pictures. We sipped coffee. I blew my first piece of glass. It was hot. We went to the vet. We went to the gym. And today we’re both getting haircuts at the same place back to back. Awwwww. It’s been a fabulous week. It’s slowly coming to and end. Soon, it will be back to work, back to that thing that keeps me feeling just so.

It’s New Years Eve. We have no plans. We rarely do. Last year, we made a mad last minute dash to the nearest italian restaurant. We arrived just before they closed and got home just before the ball dropped. On our way home a very, very wobbly man screamed “NAPPY SHOE HAIR!” into our stuffed faces. It took me a while to get the joke. Missy, myself and Toby Joe were asleep before 12:30.

This year? Who knows. It was snowing earlier. That was pretty. I sorta hope it’s not gone for good. I wouldn’t mind having the New Year arrive wearing white.

For what it’s worth: Nappy Shoe Hair.


  1. I just spoke to a bunch of our common friends, and a bunch of my friends. No one has plans. Everyone has alcohol at home.

    I’ll call you guys later on this afternoon.

    Nappy Shoe Year!


  2. Hanky poop smear!

    We just got back yesterday from an automotive jaunt to Tampa. I cooked like a fiend for my family and my mother’s friends(and scored a white Kitchen Aid blender from my baby sister).


  3. Happy New Year!

    fireworks and shit


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