The Horror. The Horror.

The other night, I decided to look through old photographs. And by “old” I mean from 2001 (not that old). Please, if you ever take anything you read on here seriously, embrace the next sentence with both hands: Do not take a walk down memory lane especially if you’re premenstrual.

The good news is, I’m back to the gym. The bad news is, I’m dieting again.

I flat out refuse to embrace the lyrics:

You can’t be what you were So you better start being Just what you are.


  1. I dunno, I think you’re smokin’hot as is. But I understand, boy howdy do I. (read- amanda was doing situps in bed last night because her tummy looked like an alien pod when she laid on her side.)


  2. On the hot thing. The belly thing… well, let’s say my alien pod could hold your house.


  3. Michele – you’re beautiful the way you are inside and out. You’re healthy and young and you want to have babies, so don’t sweat a little extra.


  4. a_ Michele is a looker. If I didn’t like Toby half as much as i do, i’d be all over her.

    b_ If you’re gonna diet, do the mcdougal—which toby told me about. don’t do it to lose weight though. do it to feel healthy enough to realize that you’re fucking insane for wanting to diet. because that diet gets you that healthy.


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