Ludacris? Yes.

Pennsytuckey surprises me. The Intelligent Design idea has been nixed.

‘We are all for it being discussed, but we do not want to see it in biology class,’ said Judy McIlvaine, a member of the winning slate. ‘It is not a science.’

Only barely not even close to the topic, Toby Joe and I had a discussion last night about educating the youth about safe sex. Abortion isn’t a pleasant thing. We all know that. But the problem is, many of the groups who are typically anti-abortion also want to cut social programs. Which leads me to believe that many people feel that abstinence is the only answer.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, show me a teenage boy who doesn’t want to have sex and I’ll give you whatever vote you want. You have my word.

Instead of pushing for intelligent design to be taught in a science class, I wish they would use those efforts and aim to have a safe-sex class instead. Why not allow the schools to teach kids about safe sex? No matter what we do teenagers are going to have sex. You might convince a few of them to abstain, but it’s biologically impossible to stop the desire all together. (Unless they come up with a reversal to a Viagra pill. Now, there’s an idea.)

Right after we discussed social programs and the pipe dream known as abstinence, we began talking about the influence musicians have on our youth. I suggested, that instead of blaring the National Anthem in schools (do they even still do that?) they play songs like It Wasn’t Us By Ludacris. No matter what parents tell their kids, they’re going to be influenced by musicians.

For example, when I was a teenager, metal was all the rage. And those long-haired freaks wanted to do nothing more than have sex with as many skanky hoes as humanly possible. They wrote songs about it. They took pictures. They made videos with girls on girls and boys on girls. It was the “cool” thing to do—bang chicks. Which was pretty ugly because, inevitably, that inspired a bunch of 15-year-old girls into trying to look like Tawny Kitaen. (Oh, if only we had a couple of Jaguars lying around.) I could not think of one metal band that sang about VD or monogamy or how uncool having a sore-covered penis was. (And I’m sorry but Stryper sucked.)

So, as Ludacris as the idea may sound, why not teach kids about the truth? Why not show them what a wart-covered penis looks like? (We have an image here at work that made a married man say he wanted to give up sex.) Why not have someone cool show how uncool an STD is? Why not teach safe sex in schools? While sex can be unbelievably fun, it’s also unbelievably ugly.

(Wanna hear the song? click here. It’s a great song. 4.9 mgs.)


  1. that could be my new favorite song…………..and what’s this hatin’ on stryper?? those sissy boyz rock’d!


  2. That song rules. I’m happy you like it.


  3. In all honesty, I can’t remember ONE song that Stryper put out. Not one.


  4. me either, but their guitar rocked……and being a guitar player, i never listen to lyrics…………which is probably why i have so much trouble with rap, all i hear is boom-boom-bbbbbaaaaaboom over and over again. i’m getting better at the word thing.


  5. oh, i could be completely wrong about stryper too, i was young hehehe


  6. Amen sister. I was chased by a penis covered in genital warts once, and it straighted my shit RIGHT OUT.


  7. You were chased? Holy moly, That’s downright frightening.


  8. my thesis topic is intelligent design, primarily an anti- position

    speaking of sex ed though, I remember visiting the school board with my step-mum who was concerned about the sex ed curriculum in my lil’ sister’s school – abstinence was not a word even mentioned.


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