Breaking News!

Something remarkable happened at the Boudreaux household last night. It was a most extraordinary event. Grab those notepads, pull out those pens, this is breaking news, my friends.

Toby Joe not only cooked a most excellent fish meal for me, but he ate it too. That’s right, vegan boy Toby Joe ate fish. And the angels sang and the cherubs came to me and my life became a little easier.

I think he enjoyed it, too. Although, he didn’t like the fact that bass gave him that same sticky-toothed feeling that chicken does. I know that feeling. And I understand.


  1. Now, if he can handle it, he can catch his own dinner next season.


  2. Oh my gosh – why the change of mind?


  3. The change of mind? Let’s just say my body fat has risen so high it overflowed into my (admittedly large, but fixed in size) skull and literally pushed the vegan dedication out of my brain.

    And yeah, Bob, I’m planning to catch flounder by hand and wrestle them into submission before putting their wandering eyeball on the right side of their head and grilling em with a dry rub.


  4. You know, fish is a gateway meat. Next thing you know you’ll be wearing fur and eating filet-mignon wrapped in bacon and snacking on big macs.


  5. mmm, filets wrapped in bacon.

    btw, i’ve had a post card from the grit written out to you two for the past two months now. pretend that i actually sent it and thank me for thinking of you.


  6. I can’t say for certain that you’re going to hell now… but i’m just saying…


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