SPD meet SPT

Several people over the last couple of months have sent me this link wondering why I haven’t gotten all kung-fu on their asses. To be honest, my kung-fu skills are really bad these days. And the Internet scares me.

I dunno. How can I put ownership on an idea? Does the existence of self-portrait tuesday bother me? A little. But SPD doesn’t get much traffic anymore. So maybe there’s room for another.

Originality is a quality I hold sacred. But let’s be honest, the idea ain’t that original anyway.

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  1. At least you don’t have baby heads on yours! Holy crap that’s gross.


  2. The keeper of SPT was featured on SPD back in May. At least she’s a team player.


  3. I dunno that’s kind of weird. I guess there’s room for everyone. It’d be like me starting a site called, “The Reflective Surfaces Project” though.

    Hey! Hold on while I see if that’s available…


  4. I’ll bet they’re sad on the inside because they couldn’t think up their own idea…yours is prettier anyway!!!!

    And oh my gosh – she was featured on SPD? Skank – I’d totally call her out on that!!


  5. I think it’s time to put a dead horse in that chick’s bed.


  6. luckily, there are more than enough narcissists to go around. :)


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