Living in a Wirless World.

CNN’s latest article is oh so spot on and couldn’t have been published at a more perfect time.

I’m having one of those weeks where all I really want to do is run off to the country and start over.

A point that Bowker touches upon in the article, and something that would make this wireless lifestyle all the more acceptable, is if life could balance out a bit more giving people the option of occasionally working from home, traveling while working, etc.

Bowker states:

This is always the case with new technology. Often the effects are paradoxical, The overall upside is that we can maintain a rich social and cultural life while dashing from pillar to post. The overall downside is that our spiritual development – which requires empty time, contemplation – is suffering enormously.

I have trouble separating myself from my computer. Every night when I get home I check my email, the same email I check at work. I can’t imagine life without it most of the time I’m with it. But something that became glaringly clear to me while in Rhode Island – away from all that is screen-projected – was I didn’t even really miss it all. And adjusting to not having it around was easier than I imagined. I remember thinking, “Hold on to this desire you have for a computer-less/cell phone-less existence.”

It took me less than a week to forget about once I got back.

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