Just Props.

Some of you might remember the “Cool Props” series I started this summer. I cracked up this morning when I discovered that two of the windows I took pictures of a few months back are without AC but the props remain.





They’re duct taped. Funny.

See the rest by clicking here.


  1. That is SO awesome. Love it. I wonder if they stay up all year. These sort of remind me of all the old christmas trees you see lying around Brooklyn in February and March (and April).


  2. Someone took pictures of the Christmas tree graveyard one year. I wish I could find that bit again. It was years and years ago, someone sent me the article. It was really touching. For some reason, (and don’t quote me on this) I think it was during the Vietnam war. Though, I can’t be sure. Anyone know what I’m barely talking about here?


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