Microsoft’s Universal Search = Spotlight

I love how Microsoft is coming out with their new platform, Microsoft Vista, and they’re all excited about the universal search function that allows you to search words within documents as well as documents no matter where you are and what you’re working in.

It’s kinda funny they are making a big deal out of this considering Apple users have had this option for at least a year. Spotlight has enabled us to do this since Tiger came out.


  1. I think they’re more concerned about Google Desktop. But Microsoft never claimed to be innovaters.


  2. It’s not just spotlight—When 10.4 came out, Apple made all these shirts that read “10.4 longhorn” or something like that, because the bulk of what ms has wanted to put in the next windows (longhorn) is in the current mac


  3. I’m such a loser PC user, but it’s all I’ve ever known – we didn’t have Macs in school like they do now. I’m sure I’ll learn it when I have to buy Miss B one!


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