Brooklyn Loves NOLA and I Won!

On Friday, Toby Joe and I went to Enid’s for the one and only Brooklyn Loves NOLA benefit. Originally, we were just gonna pay our entrance/donation fee, have a drink, and then leave as we’re not much into big crowds and the place was packed. Instead, we had the most excellent evening, sharing drinks, and smiles, and laughs with some of the kindest people of Williamsburg.

I feel like I’m in Athens. This feels just like Athens.

I know! Isn’t it great? The bar reminds me very much like New Orleans as well. And everyone here is so pleasant and happy!

My friend, Matt, (who I met through ginar) helped put it all together. He’s also how I heard about it. They had a New Orleans style jazz band whose name I am unsure of. But what an ensemble! There were about 8 of them. There were horns, and trumpets, tambourines, tubas, things I can’t describe, and trombones! It was incredible. Plus, there was this most adorable girl whose job it was to SLAM two cymbols together, on the floor, in the air—she stole the show.

Toby Joe and I paid for the 2 Drink/All-You-Can-Eat special which came with two raffle tickets as well. I stuck a purple feather behind each of our right ears and we sipped our drinks, smiling from one ear to feather. I talked to Matt for a while and met his new(ish) boyfriend. I also gave out several free Bush T-Shirts which were a hit and all I had to do was lay them out on the table and people came to me. The whole evening was amazing.

And then the raffle came. And, well, I won. Here’s an early morning question for the Internet. Out of the five items below, which prize did I win?

  • 1). Sexy Underpants
  • 2). A bottle of wine
  • 3). Hair Highlights at an uppity salon
  • 4). An Eno Indie Rock ‘Goody Bag’.
  • 5). 30 dollar Gift Certificate to Play Video Games at Barcade.


Events like the one we attended on Friday night restore any faith I lose in humanity while riding the MTA to and from work every day.


  1. I vote for the wine.


  2. The music? The underpants would be too funny.


  3. sexy underpants that, no doubt, Toby Joe has on right now.


  4. All of the above? They all sound awesome.


  5. must have been the underpants….


  6. I won hair highlights. me. HAIR HIGHLIGHTS what on earth am I to do with 300 dollars worth of highlights?


  7. Get highlights, of course! Seriously. And you should photograph the whole process and post them on the internet.


  8. What the hell color? I have red hair. Hmmmm? What color?


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