One More Time… Promise.

If you contacted me regarding the first name request and you haven’t heard back from me, please let me know. If you happen to have missed that bit, and you share a name with one of the names from the list below (or know someone who does) please email me at michele at mihow dot com. If you’re one of the people I have already spoken to, thank you so much.

Audrey, Agnes, Anita, Allen, Alicia, Andrew, Allison, Betsy, Beulah, Bob, Connie, Carla, Cleo, Carol, Camille, Celia, Carmen, Cesar, Charley, Diane, Donna, Dora, David, Diana, Edna, Eloise, Elena, Flora, Fifi, Frederic, Fran, Floyd, Fabian, Frances, Gracie, Gloria, Gilbert, Georges, Hazel, Hattie, Hilda, Hugo, Hortense, Ione, Inez, Iris, Isidore, Isabel, Ivan, Janet, Joan, Juan, Jeanne, Klaus, Keith, Luis, Lenny, Lili, Marilyn, Mitch, Michelle, Opal, Roxanne

I realize this is getting annoying and won’t ask again.

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