I Have A Lot of Time To Give, I Just Don’t Know Where To Spend It

Toby and I just got back from dropping off four large boxes filled with bedding, clothing, shoes, and other necessities at a Brooklyn UPS distribution center. After calling a list of places found via the Red Cross as well as our local Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity in search of small ways to lend a hand, I finally decided to call the Baton Rouge Salvation Army directly. And low and behold I got a hold of someone. I assumed that the Baton Rouge office would be overwhelmed with donations but that someone there might have information regarding where or who I might talk to. I was surprised to discover that that office was still gratefully accepting donations.

The woman I spoke to was a refugee herself. She had fled from New Orleans and was helping out as she had nowhere else to be or go. We spoke for a bit. I became teary-eyed and began dropping my sloppy words all over the phone. It was wonderful to hear from someone who, in spite of the obvious horror, was willing to put everything aside personally and lend out what was left of their hand.

People are lovely. She is lovely.

Toby Joe and I spent what was left of the afternoon packing up boxes and writing notes. We dropped them off just moments ago to a man who was so kind he waved the fee he normally adds on top of each box.

Today was such a good day. I signed up to help a number of local charities who are up to their ears in volunteers but who will in time need assistance.

This time, I am going to stick to what I said and help out during non-emergent times. I simply must find a way to make my life seem a little more useful.


  1. We are doing our part out here as well. Michelle and I and our respective daughters will be joining Becky at an event held by her church to put together hygeine (sp?) packs to be sent to those in need. I was told the basics would be included (shampoo, soap, hair products, etc.) but I raised my voice to ask if tampons would be included as well. Most people don’t think of things like this and I don’t think it was thought of….not to be too graphic, but bodily functions don’t really stop when other stuff is going on….
    I am also trying to get condoms put into the packs but I don’t know how that will fly with the Morman Church…. :o)


  2. Man, tampons. What a great idea. Condoms are a nice thought, too. And about the Mormons, as long as you’re not sending anything like coffee, tea or booze, you should be just fine. ;]


  3. yeah, it is only recently that the international community has been including feminine hygiene in their health kits. Of course it is only due to women who have finally spoken up to make these demands.
    As for condoms, it has found that they are one of the best ways for prevention of HIV/AIDS as the disease has been found to increase in populations who in a state of emergency. Sexual violence tends to increase in these times due to dispair or even boredom. And when you add alcohol to the mix, things can get out of control. Esp. for adolescent girls and women. normally you wouldn’t imagine that it could happen here but just look at the conditions in the Superdome and now Astrodome…..
    Sorry to go on about this but I have written many papers on this specific topic for school!


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