Displaced Designer

Matthew from The Chopping Block started a site called www.displaceddesigner.com. It’s for folks who may have lost their job/office/equipment/desk because of the recent disaster in the Gulf. I think it’s a really great idea. I wish our fellow AIGA had thought about it but in the end it seems it’s more and more about the little guy stepping up to the plate in order to make shit happen. (yay! Matt!)

Anyway, pass it on. It’s a really great idea. I wish there were one for every profession out there…


  1. What a great idea. I’m checking with my bosses to see if we have enough contractor $ to bring some displaced programmers up to our area for a short-term assignment. The company I work for owns a number of homes that usually house interns, but they’re all back at school.


  2. Hey there – I passed this info along to my friend, Erik. Thank your friend for starting this – it’s a great idea.


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