The Dark Clouds Have Cleared

Not sure what came over me the past several days but I am feeling so much better today. I think I needed sleep and pizza and to remember how absolutely wonderful so many people are. I plan on buying some of Sherri’s baked goods for sure.

That being said, adopting the spirit of many other bloggers, I have decided to donate all the money I receive from the Anti-Bush t-shirts I designed to the people who lost everything because of the hurricane. ALL the money I receive from the t-shirts will go to them. I figured it this way, I can get a message out there and help people at the same time.

Please email me at michele at mihow dot com and I will take care of the rest. Or click the PayPal button on the left and I’ll take care of the rest.

P.S. Gina, if you’re reading this, please call me. I have left you several messages and am beginning to feel like stalker but I want to make sure everyone is O.K. :]


  1. I don’t know how well the shirts are selling… but considering that they’re calling New Orleans ‘Lake George’ right now, it could be cool if instead of donating money, you donate the remaining shirts you have on hand once you break even.

    I was trying to get people together on wed to print and donate thousands of anti-bush tshirts. I thought it would be dope if the camera closes in on 5000 people all wearing “Bush is an asshole” shirts , or something like that.


  2. Lake George? I had no idea. See, the past few days have been particularly hard on me. I can’t figure out what to do to help so I just sort of sit down and throw my hands up.
    Last night, I signed up to donate time to a number of organizations. Once I get paid I will donate more money but for now, my body and the thing I have are all I really have to offer.
    I would be happy to send shirts to somewhere. But I have noticed that the ideas I come up with are easier thought about than done. I have no idea how to get them there or who to send them to or whatever.
    I guess I just feel useless. So instead of coming up with big ideas and feeling let down when i realize they’re impossible, I’ll stick to small ones and figure it out from there. But if anyone does know of HOW to get these to whoever wants them, then by all means do share. I have the energy and time. i just lack the knowledge entirely.


  3. The people, the local + state officials, and even the EPA have been calling it Lake George.

    Aside from the complete failure of the feds to respond in time, money was diverted from the levee/water defense systems for the iraq war.

    So they’re calling it Lake George in honor of the man who built it.


  4. Just wanted to put you at ease and let you know that Gina and her husband Mitch are out town for the weekend. I’m sure she’ll contact you as soon as she’s home to personally confirm her well being.


  5. Thank you, Sarah! I am also worried about her friends from New Orleans. Gina has the biggest heart and has been known to take things very hard. Anyway, if you hear from her before I do, please let her know that if she knows of anyone who needs anything I’m willing to lend a hand or a warm bed.


  6. I’m sure you’ll hear from her before I do. I talked to Mitch before they left for their weekend trip and he said she was trying to avoid watching any of the news footage etc, because it was all too depressing for her. Mitch didn’t mention any of her friends getting stuck in the chaos, but he did say some lost some their most precious of things such as their art. So depressing:(


  7. Hey sweetheart. I have missed you so much. I hope all is well in NYC.


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