I’ll Have a Side of Boob Job with that Mango Lassi.

I have always wanted to go to India. I have told Toby Joe that for years and years.

Let’s go to India!!!!

How the hell are you going to survive a 20+ hour flight to India? You sobbed on the way home from San Francisco.

I can drug myself. Let’s go to India.

That dream has solidified after having seen the latest 60 Minutes regarding Medical Tourism. I wonder how much a boob reduction would cost? Knowing I could sit on a beach in India wearing a B-cup bikini top (or maybe one of those coconut bras) while sipping a mango lassi directly following surgery sounds awfully tempting.

I wonder how much a boob job cost in India.

(Side note: I will have one roll of vacation photos up later today.)


  1. “(or maybe one of those coconut bras)”

    I love coconut.


  2. Killer. Take me to India and you can sip from them once we’re finished.


  3. I think boob reductions are pretty cheap ( well not cheap, but well under $8k ). Considering flying to india is pricey, and its kinda filthy there when you’re not in the the rich areas, you could save yourself the infection and spend about as much.

    BTW, when done right, boob reductions do not affect your ability to nurse children.

    No more talking about breasts for me for the rest of the day.


  4. Jonathan, you didn’t watch the special, did you? It’s the exact opposite situation from what you just described.


  5. Regarding the flight cost: there are discounts given on major airlines for this purpose. People fly there, get a most excellent surgery (done by some of the best doctors in the world) for less money than had they done so in the U.S. That includes the flight, the stay over, the meals, the surgery. Everything.


  6. I know that its pristine in the nice areas, and Indian doctors are very good – look at half the doctors in any hospital in the US (hey, its true)

    but you’re not gonna do any tourism after that surgery – and if you did, you’re get infected most definately ( fresh open wounds in a cholera infested region does not sound like a good idea )

    Have you priced out what you want done locally yet? It seems to mean enough to you to have done that by now.


  7. Thought about a boob reduction myself. Then I researched online exactly how it is done. Saw pictures of “dead nipples” and pictures of women who REALLY needed the procedure and felt a little silly. Still wish they were smaller though. My plan, along with a boob-a-licous friend of mine, is to wait till we are forty, after any babies, and get them reduced and lifted. Then, look out!!


  8. You could get one of these and then not feel self conscious that people MIGHT be looking at your chest and be confident that they are.


  9. “Killer. Take me to India and you can sip from them once we’re finished.”

    …from which, the coconuts, or the jobbed boobs? ;P


  10. I have a younger cousin with no medical insurance who needs a breast reduction because she is having back problems. If you find out anything, let me know! She is totally depressed over the whole damn thing. (this should be an Oprah show or something… has she done one?)


  11. I totally want a breast reduction and even have included it on my “to do” list for someday. Some women can have liposuction done on their breasts (if the breasts aren’t too saggy) without the scarring most procedures would leave. I know I want to breast-feed my kid someday and not lose any nipple sensation so might be a good option if I’m a candidate for it. If you’re totally serious you should look into it. Then let me know how much it cost so I can add to my debt.


  12. aw, thats it. we’re goin!
    tawain next though.


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