Oh Sweet Irony

Robertson might just be a little bit totally completely insane. How is this not terroristic in nature?

‘It’s clear from the teachings of the Quran and also from the history of Islam that it’s anything but peaceful,” Robertson said in a subsequent interview with CNN. “Of course there are peace-loving Muslims. But at the same time, at the core of this religion … is jihad, and it is to subject the unbelievers either to forced conversion or death. That’s what it teaches.’

And what are you doing with the Bible, sir Robertson? What are you doing with your beloved Christianity?

In July 2003, Robertson asked his audience to pray for three justices to retire from the Supreme Court so they could be replaced with more conservative jurists. “One justice is 83 years old, another has cancer and another has a heart condition,” he said.

Robertson insisted he was only calling for prayers for the justices to retire and was not asking his followers to pray for their demise.

How do the insane end up on the homepage of CNN thereby gaining more exposure? Can’t we just ignore the bastard?


  1. “Robertson might just be a little bit totally completely insane.”

    Um, DUH!

    He’s a #$&(*^ nutcase. I should lend you my copy of New World Order for summer reading. It’s amazingly insane.


  2. Still doesn’t explain how he’s on the homepage of CNN.


  3. cnn.com has awful news. its all lcd sensationalism.
    Next to his article:
    ‘Wedding’ guests get rude reception: All arrested
    Nun’s wild dancing earns reprimand

    ‘nuff said


  4. Awful or not, most of America turns looks to them as their news source.


  5. Most of America has the IQ, common sense, and worldliness of a peanut.
    Are you really surpised? It’s not like they put a non-racist on the cover of fox news or something else truly odd.


  6. Now now, it’s not right to assume that most of the world is ignorant. The media might be but we can do the mental work if they let us.
    I’d really, really like to see the New York Post get outlawed first, heh.


  7. I’m not calling most of the world ignorant.

    I’m calling most of the United States of America ignorant.

    BIG difference.


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