This is Mulva (Or Josephine).

I finally got around to taking some pictures of the car Toby Joe and I purchased recently. It’s been great. However, we’re putting it to a true test next week when we drive it up to Rhode Island.

The problem area is shown below. Eventually (soon) we need to get a new door. It’s rusted through all the way into the bottom and I am told that in the winter the water freezes inside and can cause problems with how it opens and closes. We’re hoping to take care of that in the early Fall. And the back seat needs to be replaced, too.

People really do check it out every time we’re out driving and somehow that makes me feel proud. The other day, after having the guys at our local car wash gawk over it, a guy on a bike rode past and yelled “NICE CAR!” To which Toby Joe replied, “Thanks, man!” It really is pretty hot, I have to admit.

But she needs some work. We still don’t have air conditioning and there are two rust spots that need to be addressed. Oh, and the sunroof needs to be fixed as well. But she runs well and has very little mileage. The body, overall, is in great condition.

Cross your fingers she makes it to Rhode Island. Cross your fingers we don’t melt.


  1. ooooh.. she’s so purdy. stop emphasizing her she’ll treat you right all the way up 95. no girl wants to hear that she needs a new back seat.

    the saturday forecast looks lovely – low 80s you won’t melt.


  2. stop emphasizing her flaws, I meant.


  3. Dear god, that car is hott.

    I think you should just have the hole filed, filled and painted to match instead of tracking down a new door. That stuff is pricey.


  4. I wanna get custom plates that say something like:



  5. I’d rather get a new door and do it right. I don’t care about cost.


  6. Oooooh. It is sooo cute and sexy. I feel envy.


  7. go to home depot/lowes

    get some 80 sandpaper

    get some “metal prep” in the cleaning supply isle (basically, it’s just phosphuric acid… so get a small paintbrush and some rubber gloves too.) oh yeah…(it’s green and stinky!)

    get some electrical tape.

    1) elec. tape around boo-boos 2)use 80 sandpaper to remove paint and rust 3) brush acid on metal, let dry, apply second coat 4) wait over night, the acid will turn the metal black 5) sand off the blackened metal and apply another thin coat of acid 6) go buy yourself some nailpolish that matches the car color( or spraypaint) wait a day 7) next day brush on paint and let dry. this will protect the metal until you fix it properly. cover the hole with the electrical tape for winter.

    : )


  8. You’re the greatest. I’ll be there in a few weeks so you can begin.


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