The 41st Annual National Apple Harvest Festival

Last year, we were in San Francisco at the time of the Gettysburg Apple Festival. This year, I’d like to attend. We went to the one two years ago and had a great time in spite of the fact that we had a most horrible meal at a local “5 star” restaurant. But the festival was fun and the Gaslight Inn was lovely. Anyway, I think I will treat us both this year in celebration of the day we met (October 11th).

At the end of August we’re heading to Little Compton, Rhode Island for a week of fun in the sun with our friends, Nico and George. I can’t wait. Trips like these make me realize the fun in being an adult. This is the sort of thing I used to dream about as a child, spending vacations away with the boy I love and excellent friends. While I want it to come up immediately, the waiting is exciting.

And hopefully, we’ll head to Pennsyltuckey for a camping adventure sometime in the fall with Gerry, Greg and whoever else wants to come along. Walter was right again, good things are indeed coming our way.


  1. I used to love camping, but I haven’t gone in like 5 years.


  2. My kids have the 7th and 10th of October off and I am taking those days off of work so that we could go somewhere (I was thinking DC). Maybe we will join you for a day of apple-picking in Gettysburg.


  3. Charlie, that would rule.


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