Call to Remember

Sometimes, I am suddenly rendered speechless when, as I’m sitting behind my computer contemplating what I might like to eat for dinner, it occurs to me once again that there are men and women living on a space station.

Space, man. Space.

I do this with the ocean, too. For example, right now, there are massive storm fueled waves bashing against nothing and whales the size of small buildings thinking nothing about me and you or them at all.

Somewhere, someone eats an Oreo while another wipes their own ass and someone else just spent their last minute alive.


  1. Wasn’t this the exact premise of a Van Hagar video back in ‘91? ;)


  2. Not sure of this video you speak of, my dear. And I’m not sure if I’m OK with that or if I feel left out. hmmmm


  3. Somewhere someone is reading this blog entry. (and the Van Halen song/video is “Right Now”)


  4. OH! I remember that song. Wow. This post was just compared to a Hagar song.
    *shoots self


  5. I was thinking Syncronicity I & II by the Police.

    Amanda loves Gordon 4-ever.


  6. I’m just stuck with the image of dying while wiping your ass with an Oreo.

    (That’s not how I want to go. Fig Newton, maybe.)


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