Welcome to Colorado

(Descriptions, if any, are above each picture.)

I’ll begin by saying that we were both in bewildered awe over Colorado. You will notice that by the number of pictures we have here.

This will be Toby and me in 35 years.

Toby charming the freak off Pookum. He did this, he played the kitty-whisperer. He calmed them down when they were TOTALLY FREAKING THE HELL OUT. It was good. Toby is a wonderful man.

Colorado is an interesting state. This is how it looks when you come in from Kansas. And it looks like this for nearly 2.5 hours or so. Finally, the hills start to bloat and then, off in the distance, you start seeing something glimmering. It’s sort of cloud like, but stationary. These cloud-like things can play funny tricks on your eyes until you realize what they are.

We pulled off for a bit to take some pictures.

A stop sign. I am willing to bet this Stop Sign was put to work less than 100 times since its erection.

You probably can’t see this, but if you open this image you will notice that I am being threatened out of the driver’s seat by something entirely fuzzy and orange.

That same Stop Sign. I put it to work that day.

TobyJoe. We might be living out west, but I have proof that he’s an easterner at heart.

Perhaps in my next life, I’ll take pictures of out-of-work street signs.

A glimpse of Denver.

The mountains begin.

This image is sort of terrible. But I put it up to sort of illustrate what I was speaking about earlier when I was talking about the weird cloud-like things. They are called The Rockies. For being so huge, they sure do sneak up on you. One minute your world is flat as hell, the next minute your gasping for air in more ways than one.

The next several shots are why we stayed in Glennwood Springs. Amazing views. Truly outstanding. And, we found a nine-foot pool table.

The photograph isn’t in focus. But I wanted to show a tunnel. We drove through several between Denver, Aspen and Glennwood Springs.

This was our view from our room at dawn. I got up super early every day while we were traveling. I have always been fond of morning.

Another view from the Hotel. We stopped at an internet cafe where I posted something about John Denver.

See what I mean about the cat-whisperer? Who wouldn’t love this boy? (Yes, I mean both of them.)

The next several shots are of our trek from Colorado into Utah. These were taken as we travelled through western Colorado, through towns like New Castle, Rifle, and Grand Junction. Below, are pictures of storm clouds (which left me speechless.) Plus, some of the most amazing natural light I have ever seen.


  1. Whew! There’s Pookum. I thought you lost one there. poor kit.


  2. The expression on Pookum’s face is too much!


  3. Stumbled on this… great pictures and entertaining dialog. I really like how you talked about Colorado. Come back and vivst anytime…. Enjoy California!


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