Welcome to Kansas

(Descriptions, if any, are above each picture.)

This is Kansas City. I’m still trying to figure out why Kansas City is in Missouri and why it wasn’t named something more appropriate.

Ahhhh Kansas. As I said on a previous post. We heard nothing but horrible things about Kansas. And I was actually kind of fond of her. In Kansas, we started taking many more pictures. I think we found ourselves inspired. Either that, or we began leaving more bread-crumbs, as we began moving further and further away from home.

This is TobyJoe. We’re at a rest area in Kansas.

This was taken from the parking lot of the Best Inn in Salina, Kansas were we stayed for one night. I just learned, only after saying it several times to strangers, that Salina is pronounced Sal-eye-na and not Sa-lee-na. Oops. So now I CAN name my daughter Sa-lee-na.

We left early that morning. And we hit some pretty amazing storms. I guess it’s a good thing we made such great timing because the evening following on morning we left, Kansas and Oklahoma were both blasted by tornadoes. Someday, I do hope to see one.

We’re kind of silly. We found ourselves really craving Starbucks coffee. I am not sure why. Anyway, there aren’t many along route 70 in the midwest, so when we found this guy, we were both quite happy.

And of course, like any good Starbucks, there’s a nice RV dump in the back. Shitter’s Full. Mmmmmmm coffeeeeee.

This is another reflection shot of myself looking in at Tucker.

You can’t see this very well. We nearly missed it. But it’s the sign marking the exit for the Colorado border town in Kansas called “Kanorado.” Yes. I wish so much there was one of me from Kanorado and that the one of me from Kanorado played the guitar and could sing songs.

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