On The Line Again.

I had my interview. We’ll see. I am not sure I got the job, but the interview itself was a hoot and I enjoyed being there and meeting everyone. We’ll see what comes with it. I should know next week either way.

Yesterday, we returned our one-way Avis rental to the location at Union Square downtown. As absurd as this might sound I grew sort of oddly attached to the damn minivehical. I mean, it did get us the entire way across the United States. And it did hold up through the barren landscapes of Kansas, Utah, and Nevada. And I had awake daymares while driving through parts of these states, thinking we would surely break down. And we’d surely be eaten by weird sand monsters or abducted by Army test humans gone horribly wrong. So the car? She sort of grew on me.

While returning her to Avis, I wrote a long thank you letter to them for their affordable rates. I then thanked the actual car. We left her kind of dirty. And even though the guy I gave her to said that was his job, to clean them up, I still felt badly for leaving it that way. I need to stop personifying cars.

After we returned the car we wandered around North Beach for a while in search of dinner. We decided to eat at the Stinking Rose. And holy sweet cow, did I stink. Garlic has its way of sticking with you, like syrup after working at an all night diner. This morning, still, I could smell and taste garlic. The Stinking Rose lived up to its name.

After we had dinner, we met Dave (a coworker of Toby’s) at Vesuvio’s for a couple of drinks. We all had a fine night. It would have been possibly finer (depending on who you ask) if we had gone to the strip club as briefly discussed. You see, The Hustler Club is right across the street from where we sat and when Dave found out that Toby hasn’t EVER been to a strip club, I do believe it became almost a quest. But I was nearly asleep in my shoes and Toby was as well. So we headed home instead.

I’m having trouble adjusting to the time difference, asleep or tired by 9 and awake by 6 a.m.

I need to get back in shape too. I feel very gross lately. I hate that feeling. I will head off to a yoga class or run or something as soon as I find my shoes or retrieve my yoga mat.

Tomorrow, we’re both looking forward to taking pictures of the Bay to Breakers event through downtown San Francisco. I would have liked to have run in it (fully clothed, of course) but I have no shoes and I’m not even sure I could. Hmm.


  1. You did it! Congrats. I can totally relate to the car attachment thing-y. Last June we went to SF and drove up the coast (my first time to northern CA) and our rental got upgraded to a silver Mitsubishi SUV and I must’ve taken more than 10 pics of JUST the car til my husband got fed up and said, it’s a freaking RENTAL car! But I loved it and it completely influenced our trip—so there you have it.


  2. So glad to see I am not alone. Very funny story, bluepoppy. Northern CA is pretty wonderful isn’t it?


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