Sky Francisco

I have decided that living here means I’m closer to Sky. I know, that sounds weird. It sounds pretty weird to me as well. But I swear to you that as soon as I exit our apartment, I can reach up and dilute the clouds like wet hands on cotton candy. And my head is up there as well. Turning blue like Pantone 292.

We live on the set of a fairy-tale. This fairy-tale might be directed by Tim Burton. It might be produced by a frozen Walt Disney. And I’m still getting used to it all, like new shoes or a stiff backpack. But let’s say for today that I was asked by someone “What’s your neighborhood like?” Today I’d answer that I am living somewhere between Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, a city, and a suburb of Whoville.

Here is what I see on my map today. The streets turn in and up on themselves like pretzels or funnel cakes. I am sugar or salt (depending on my mood). The train I take into the city center uses electric wiring much like those seen on a miniature train set. (What’s with my train thing lately?) Its name is J Church. There are points along my way where I pass through ivy twines taller than telephone polls. What’s it like in some of those houses? And my goodness, the views! Does any city on earth have a view on every corner? I should think not without hills like these.

So far, today has been good for the most part. I had interview two at a place downtown. I am still uncertain if they like me and I do believe I am up against more qualified individuals especially if one were to liken it to club initiation. But I’m thinking positively. I literally woke up within fog. By 8, it had cleared. And by nine I had memorized half of the San Francisco Zagat Guide.

I kicked around downtown and killed some intangible time with Sky (who’s always around). Shadows seem unwelcome, even mid-day after having to push through all that fog. We have no furniture yet. Or curtains. So the dust seems to be settling on my eyelashes instead. Nothing that Sky can’t cure. But some hours I’m finding it hard to move my legs alone.

Perhaps, I’ll go back outside and dip my feet in this time.


  1. Awww. I hope that means you love it (so far) as much as I promised you would.


  2. It’s quite lovely indeed. And there seems to be so many places to eat and drink. I do believe that we could spend the entire year going to a different place every time we go out and still not have hit them all. Not that we’re social butterflies or anything. I want to learn more from the locals.


  3. That is the most beautiful thing I have read in a quite some time. Mitch thinks you should consider publishing your writings. Have you? Considered? And I fully agree, just so you know.


  4. I wouldn’t know the first thing on doing such. But thanks so much, ms. gina.

    Also, I have an idea for you and your (future) blog. We can host it and you can take the engine for this one if you’d like. All you’d have to do is buy a 15 dollar domain name instead of the comcast one you have now.

    Let me know if you’re interested.


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