Emergency. No Bullshit.

I got back a little while ago from 2000 14th street, where I picked up our road closed signs for out front. We’re moving next Friday. I think (I’m crossing my fingers, praying) that Toby found a non-mafia run moving company. So that’s good. Over the past few days, I have understood why people get so desperate they look to voodoo for getting their fuckshitup on. Because man! I would love to stick some pins and needles into the ass of several moving companies right about now.

These signs are much easier to acquire than I would have thought. All you have to do is call some phone number, talk to a wonderful gal named Deidre and SHABAM!! You get to close the street off.

If you would have had me place a bet on who would be the rudest, most difficult to deal with during all of this moving crap, I would have betted AGAINST the DC government. However, they were not only exceptionally helpful but they made me laugh as well.

Hats off to the DC government.. The cops might suck balls but the people working the counter are top notch. And I told them so.

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