Toby and I have had visitors for days. And so now we’re scrambling around like displaced rats trying to pack stuff, throw stuff out, change billing addresses, confirm cars, vans, movers and parking permits.


I’ll update with photos when things settle down a bit.

(I miss everyone. So quiet here. Come back.)


  1. I’m so sorry I missed it. I truly am. I would have if I could have. How was it? Tell.


  2. As instructed, I did give mpap a bit of a hard time the day after, and his apologies and regrets seemed sincere.

    I won’t presume to speak for toby and michele, but I had a lot of fun. great food and great company.

    and nico’s kickass vegan cake (with kumquats!) topped off the dinner portion of the evening quite nicely.

    thanks to everyone!


  3. A very nice time indeed. Kumquats were a nice added touch. So nice to have met everyone. :) Mihow is in the company of good peeps.


  4. hi…….i heard about the bash on friday from todd and janice. well, best of luck to both of you on the move!


  5. Thanks so much for inviting Janice and I on Saturday. We had a great time and hope you both did too. Best wishes for SanFran. Thanks to this site, I’m sure we’ll stay in touch (until you some day move back east, I hope).


  6. Wow—I am so impressed—you’ve got all that moving/packing/shaking going on AND you posted! you’re making the rest of us look lame . . .


  7. sorry to have missed it. sounds like the social event of the season. :(


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