Happy Birthday Beaver

I forgot to mention the best part about the cake. When I called to have a message written on it, she asked who I wanted to say happy birthday to. I had them write,

Happy Birthday, Beaner!

(Long story). And when I arrived to pick it up, I walked in and she said,

BEANER!” Cake for beaner?

I nodded. She continued,

Everyone kept reading the cake and saying ‘does that say “Happy birthday, Beaver?” ’ and I would say ‘NO! it’s BEANER!’

Pretty funny. Happy birthday, beaver. (It did sort of look like “beaver”).


  1. should’ve said “TATER” no?


  2. It’s beaner here. Bean-Er. BEANER. Beanholio. Beaner.


  3. Beanholio. that kills me.


  4. You should hear the song.


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