Ok, so I have a working version of up and would love help and/or suggestions. Please feel free to give me suggestions here or just sign up and add them on (I realize it looks a LOT like some other website. hehe. I am still trying to figure out the editing process).


  1. theif!


  2. thIEf even!

    curses fingers


  3. hehe

    well, he offered and I like free stuff.

    we’re gonna be ‘able for everything soon enough. WATCH OUT!


  4. excellent. you need a logo though. the toby logo only works for toby websites.


  5. oh shi* I forgot:

    you need a bg tile…hehe


  6. and in addition: doesn’t potoshop technically qualify as “software” as well or will it get preferred treatment?


  7. “Potoshop.” Sounds like a knockoff version.


  8. yeah it sounds like it was made in hong kong or something doesn’t it. how about Illustlater or final crutch plo


  9. by the way. I apologize for not being helpful. I am just deliriously tired. keep up the good work. i promise I will talk sensible shit later.


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