Toby's Bday

Last night was fun. I left work a bit early to run to Sticky Fingers in order to pick up a cake I ordered for Toby. After picking up the cake, I dropped it off at the Ethiopian restaurant and let them know we’d be back by 5:30. I brought some candles too. :] So he had no idea about the cake, until later when I had a small powwow with the waitress. He said he wondered why I kept getting up—doing stuff. Good times. So these poor women, after being told,

You really don’t have to sing, I see how busy it is, please just bring out the cake,

sang. We tipped them well and left for the Toledo Lounge to meet Michael, Steve and Christian for a drink and to share some of the cake. Home before 8 p.m..
Toby seemed to like his presents. I got him Socom, two books on Indian cooking, and a webcam for OS X so he could do some geek, scripty stuff. The webcam’s pretty cool—he was playing with it last night. My next step is trying to convince him to hook it up while he’s playing Socom as you talk to the men on your team through a headset. It’s a hoot. Pretty cool game, if I must say so myself.
I forgot my cell phone today at home. So I feel sort of “alone” as I don’t know ANYONE’S phone number by heart anymore. I rely on that thing too much, I’m learning. :]
Some pictures in a few.


  1. i hate it when i forget my cellphone. i never ever ever end up using it, it just sucks up more money every month, but once it’s not there as an option i freak out. “what if my car breaks down?” “what if there’s an emergency?” etc. etc…

    i’ll add that to the list for “future therapy discussion” material…


  2. Hey, Arjen, have you heard of the band The Raveonettes? They’re from Denmark…just wondering if they’re any good or not.


  3. Megan, i wish I could help you out but I honestly don’t know anything about Danmark except that they have Legoland there, which totally rules when you’re 10.


  4. I didn’t come by yesterday, so I didn’t know it was Toby’s birthday. Happy belated, Tobyjoe! :D


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