Because I’m really mature and I’ve taken my mihow time and moved it to AIM.

mih0w: ha ha! MAN ASS?

mih0w: oh dear

mih0w: that’s gross

freakgirldotcom: i knew you’d like that

freakgirldotcom: the ick thing about working in a really small office is that you always know who took the smelly poo

freakgirldotcom: ha ha

mih0w: oh dear

mih0w: toby used to work for nerve

freakgirldotcom: indeed

mih0w: and because

mih0w: they had two single bathrroms

mih0w: right off the floor

mih0w: and some folks were stinkin up the place really bad

mih0w: so they made one bathrrom a number 2

mih0w: and the other a number 1

mih0w: fuck that

freakgirldotcom: OH MAN

mih0w: yeah

freakgirldotcom: that is so gross

mih0w: i know

mih0w: how can anyone

mih0w: do there busines

mih0w: when they know

mih0w: everyone out there konws

mih0w: that’s what they’re doing?

freakgirldotcom: we have one women’s toilet and one men’s

freakgirldotcom: but the men’s has a urinal across from the toilet, so if for some reason a girl has to use the men’s room, you end up sitting on the toliet with a big urinal in your face

mih0w: not I. my cat can’t poo in front of me… there’s a reason for that

freakgirldotcom: you know what’s REALLY gross…

mih0w: ugh!

mih0w: ewwww

mih0w: what?

freakgirldotcom: one of my bosses takes his cellphone in the bathroom with him

mih0w: NO!!!!!!

mih0w: WHY

freakgirldotcom: I KNOW, RIGHT?

freakgirldotcom: how SICK IS THAT

mih0w: sick for the person

mih0w: he’s talking to

mih0w: and the phone

mih0w: and the folks who use it

freakgirldotcom: gives me the willies i tell ya

mih0w: the phone that is

mih0w: yeah

freakgirldotcom: one of the AmEx guys in this bldg does it too

mih0w: what the hell

mih0w: dumb butt

freakgirldotcom: dumb butt

Poo, take two

mih0w: I called my dad the other day

mih0w: on a saturday

mih0w: and he was supposed to be on the boat

freakgirldotcom: uh huh

mih0w: and so I said

mih0w: when he answered his phone

mih0w: “where are you

mih0w: thinking maybe

mih0w: I should let him go

mih0w: if he was fishing

mih0w: and he says, “YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW!

freakgirldotcom: HAR!

mih0w: and I said, “YOU’RE SHITTING?! AREN’T YOU!

mih0w: and he says yes

mih0w: and i said, “WHY DID YOU answer?!

mih0w: and got off the phone

freakgirldotcom: i’m crying

mih0w: right away

freakgirldotcom: good


  1. This is hysterical. We have a guy at work that bring a magazine in with him. Come on, now.


  2. A guy at our work brings the whole office copy of the Wall Street Journal along. I always think that’s a bit excessive, like he isn’t sure how long it will take. Not to mention how grossed out I am when a guest comes in and looks at it.


  3. Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where the book got flagged because George brought it into the bathroom.


  4. There was a woman at an old job who REFUSED to touch her newspaper after the boss returned from doing his bidness. She was funny that one.


  5. DeMornay. Rebecca DeMornay.


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