In the next few weeks, I will have a lot to do. I am going to take a break from here for a while. It’s becoming sort of repetitious and that’s annoying. I’m going to peruse and rant on Freakgirl, listenmissy and other websites instead (for a while). Who knows, I might have something to say soon but for now I will focus on moving and work.


Time for a rest. YAYA!


  1. Hey Rob, it looks like your poo-flinging monkeys can report back to you how many poos they flung.


  2. Oh, that’s great, encourage him. :)

    I wish I could turn this into a forum thing, let my family do all the talking. Damn exciting bunch of weirdos indeed.


  3. weirdoes ???


    hmmmmmm I am not of knowing this.

    I bet Freakgirl knows.


  4. thats too bad. i like your site. its my favourite blog and actually probably in my top ten/15 of sites i most visit. ill missit.

    so anyway. enjoy the rest.


  5. Well fill her up… bring up a comment or two. Discuss something. :) I could open my editor for the world, see what happens. I’m down for that crime. Any takers?


  6. i would say YES ABSOLUTELY. but im in sort of a pre-crisis period, so i can’t guarantee anything :)


  7. I hear ya. I am sort of out of sorts as of late. I do that when I move or prior any change actually. :)

    You ok, dear? What’s up? (You totally don’t have to answer that on here).


  8. weirdo’s? “well, that’s just – like- your opinion,” (guess that movie)

    if that last mihow-commt was directed at me: just heard my company is facing cutbacks and my contract is the first to come up for renewal in the new year so…you know. same thing all over again. what’s up with you guys? away from the apple/ forgood? how’s the tobester doing?


  9. Oh, I’m sorry Arjen. That is just bad news. There is so much of that going on right now. It’s terrible. :[

    Yes, we’re out. I can’t say for good as who knows what will happen. I will still be working for my job now so that’s good. I’ll just be doing so from DC. The job market here hasn’t looked good in quite some time, any job interviews I managed to get were offering a LOT less money. And I don’t mind making less money, but that makes it nearly impossible to live here. We’ll see. Times are tough indeed.

    And I know that damn movie. I KNOW IT! UGH!!! DAMN!

    I should start the movie quote game up again. Since I never finished it last time. hmmmmm


  10. yeah i know, well im good unill the end of january. so it’s not like in the states where you can be on the street from one day to the next. and yeah shit is hitting worldwide. it feels like the bad wave ny went though-is in, is just now really hitting western europe. people still dont really realize it here though. give em a few months.

    its cool u can work the same job out of dc. from home even or diff office?

    anyhow, figured you’d know that quote.

    movie quote games are my favourite. :)


  11. “Dazed and Confused”?


  12. THE BIG LEBOWSKI!!!!!!




    Here’s one:

    “Just be the girl on the beach.”


  14. I was going to vote the Big Lebowski, too.

    Do I win? Is there a prize?! A free drink?

    It’s Friday! Woooo!!!!


  15. big lebowski is right.

    don’t fuck with the jesus


  16. now see, you and i are doing nearly the same thing at the same time, and if you quit talking about it—i will feel lonely!


  17. When are you headed there again? I’m sort of freaked out. I can’t lie. :)


  18. my escort is coming to get me on the 5th of october


  19. I don’t have a friggin escort! SIGN ME UP!

    That’s good to hear.


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