With October 11th descending upon us, Toby and I are trying to figure out what to do to remember the year. We’re thinking about not speaking to one another for the entire day. We were thinking it might be nice to spend money every minute of the day and just have the time of our lives. We were thinking of laying out hundreds of photographs from the year and staring at them until they stop mattering. It would be great to have Justin come and sing, just for us. (If, of course, he’ll sing something by “Parallel Together” by Ted Leo). What should we do to remember 10/11? Should we fly to Vegas for dinner? Should we force everyone to remember with us? Our way?

Really, it’s just a date. It marks a year. I’m sort of hoping we have more of them. Is that enough?


  1. Hey scbob!!! Stop editting my date! haha

    I thought I was losing my mind! I wrote October and suddenly it was September. I mean October. That is when Toby and I met. I’m trying to avoid talking about September 11th. It’s all been said. :)


  2. are you talking about your and Toby’s anniversary? I’m confused.

    Either way. Lay out photos on the floor. Get several bottles of wine and some really good food. Then just eat and drink and talk until you fall asleep.


  3. Yes, that’s what I’m talking about.


  4. I think, my intentions on this post, were lost. I do apologize, it was all meant to be a joke. I keep reading all this crap about what people should or shouldn’t do for September 11th.


  5. I’ve never made it to a year anniversary with a real! live! actual! boy!, so I don’t know what all you fools in love do.

    I’d tell you what I’d do all day, but your dad reads this.


  6. bah, we’ll probably forget.



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