Belly Button


One time, I pierced my belly button. I didn’t have the correct kind of needle, so when I finally got it through, to that last bit of skin, I passed out. I woke up to my cat’s face, all close up, wondering what the hell I was doing on the bathroom floor. Good times. I later got it done by someone who knew what he was doing.


  1. Eeek! I’d be way too afraid I’d chicken out in the middle!


  2. I remember when piercing your own ears in my 6th grade class was the thing (one girl had about 7 holes in one ear). But so was the product “Sun In” and it fried most girls’ hair, so I guess there’s moments where we aren’t the most brilliant. Makes for a good story later on, though. Bleck.


  3. Holy shit! I remember Sun-in! Wow that stuff was horrible. I remember the smell like it’s right here under my nose. Bleh.


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