The Goings of Jane

Update from yesterday:

So she sent the photo to both guys. (I don’t think I mentioned that the girl [we’ll call her Jane] has been emailing two boys. Both live far away). Jane sent the (slightly) doctored photo to both guys. One of them (the guy who IS coming here) hasn’t written her back. The other one (the guy who is not coming, yet) wrote her back saying he thought she was pretty cute. So that’s good, right? I hate that I’m a part of this. Just thought I would keep you all up to date on the goings of Jane.


  1. Does this mean you’ve participated in fraud? Even with all this outcry over accounting scandals, you are still partaking in this hideous practice. And not even for monetary purposes! You disgust me.


  2. Indeed I am, little man. Indeed, I am. Oh man, it’s just sad. I must be growing up as I was able to NOT post the actual letters here. The letters are super sad. I have no idea how or why, but I am not the “biographer” for some reason. I pasted a few lines to TobyJoe. Just sad. :[

    Not only am I participating in fraud but I’m condoning sad, overly sappy, horribly composed love letters.


  3. ::sighs heavily::

    I guess it’s sort of good that the other one said she was “pretty cute.” We’ll see what happens when she appears on the news as the next fallen victim to freakshow murderers on the internet.

    Just kiddin’, y’all.
    O’Doyle rulez.


  4. If she’s as nervous and high strung as all this about the photo, I bet you anything that she backs out of meeting him. She’ll cancel. She’ll say something about it being too soon, and that maybe they should meet in the spring. She’ll think that will give her enough time to lose more weight. Either that or she’ll have a nervous breakdown.

    Why put yourself in such a stressful situation?


  5. i got $5 that sez the dude who is coming is married.


  6. he isn’t married. he’s either trying to run some scam on her or he’s a total psychopath. no one flies for a bootycall. no one. there has to be something else.

    even if you were to fly for booty, you’d wanna see it in full before you bought your ticket.

    no, there is a scam.

    i used to work in the online personals biz (for nerve) and i found lots and lots of scams in my research of other companies. if it ain’t money or a greencard or wanting to use her in some bigger operation, it’s some sort of murder or torture plan.

    i know i’m cynical, but not even the biggest chump would believe a decent, honest person would fly to meet a stranger they’ve never seen. and i don’t think pure desperation would do it, either.

    bah, funerals soon, y’all.


  7. I dunno, I think some desperate pancakes might fly for the booty especially if it comes with a side of greencard.


  8. well, you gotta get yer greens somehow.


  9. Hey I am in athe market for a side of greencard
    Oh wait I had tricked an american girl for that already.


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