Nothing much to say

Again the day finds me in a good mood. So nice outside. I almost wore a sweater just because. I bought a new sweater when we were in Century 21 last weekend and I have been sort of wanting to wear it. I shall wait till it’s right. It will be like back to school clothing. Or something. I took a crapload of pictures today. So they’ll be up soon. Right now I must finish some freelance before my day begins and I become busy. Be back in a few with images and such.


  1. I take it it’s nice and cool outside for a change? The weather is beautiful here…the sun is warm, but with the breeze it’s cool enough to sit outside and have a coffee, and no sweating! I love it!


  2. It’s so nice outside. Really. The sky is so different looking. I am really enjoying it. Muchly.


  3. I’m cold, actually. What’s up with that?!
    75 degrees and COLD?!


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