Life without the internet. Indeed. Verizon has shut off our telephone line. Our telephone line is used for DSL only, leaving us without the internet. And it’s annoying, yes. But withdrawal isn’t so bad and it gives me more time to watch movies and read. Toby is learning new geek stuff. Exciting, indeed. He will soon be Lord Geek. I look forward to that, I do. I was trying to remember this weekend what it was I did before I had internet access at home. I was more social, that is certain. I was less lazy, I think. And I definitely watched more movies. Many more.

Friday night we saw that hunk of garbage, Signs. Yes, it was crap. He pulled out every spoon crafted by Oliver Stone and created new ones as well. He fed us all, bite by bite, and for those who may have not gotten this emotionally shallow film, he made it even more clear by unnecessarily wasting more exposed celluloid and showing us flashbacks. Holy cow, M. Night Shyamalan must think we’re all just stupid. The first half of the movie was actually pretty good, it really was. I was even excited at certain points, but in the end he left me gagging. And it will win awards and people will yammer on about how great it was. I just didn’t think so.

Saturday we rode into the city and had breakfast at Kate’s Joint. After that we went shopping but didn’t buy anything. We wandered around NYU and sat and had lemonade in Washington Square Park. Good times. That evening, we watched Mothman Prophecies along with Orange County. It’s rare I bring home two movies and like both of them. But that is exactly what happened. Mothman Prophecies surprised me. I genuinely liked the movie. I’m sure I just ruined any credibility by saying this after tearing in to Signs. So go now, go see Signs. You will love it. Orange County was kick ass. Jack Black is actually “the shit” He just moves across the screen and I laugh. And Colin Hanks (Tom’s son) was great.

Yesterday we barely left the house. So hot. Toby made potato, leek soup and asparagus. So good. We had Newman Os for dessert. Yum. TV and books and bed. Nice, relaxing weekend. And we spent little money. :)


  1. and don’t forget my interpretation of Signs: keep the Christian faith and these Muslims will leave us alone.

    hey, it’s Disney, so no matter how jokingly I say it, it’s possible, isn’t it?


  2. You know what?

    That hairlipped hippie you brought up under the other comments section… what the hell was up with him all intrigued with joining the damn army. They never took that anywhere. He just carried around the friggin pamphlet like it was the bible or something. Bothersome. I hate being force fed beliefs.


  3. The more and more I think about this movie, the more angry I become with Mr. M.


  4. i had potato leek soup yesterday too…


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