How do we feel about PETA? (hehe) Ahhhhh nothing like a good, healthy debate.

::removes the poo from Rob’s hands::


  1. Now why would you go and start this?

    Although that does bring up the story about State College. Some really deep students thought it was wrong for Mr. Charles’ to sell fur, so they broke the window in the middle of the night and threw red paint all over the fur coats causing thousands of dollars damage. One problem, the woman who runs Mr. Charles’ is against fur as well. The coats they ruined were fake fur. But that didn’t stop the group from writing into the Daily Collegian to boast about their achievment. Morons.

    And for what it’s worth, this republican doesn’t like fur coats at all. But his democrat wife sure does.

    And I’ll never forgive PETA for the Gullianni cancer billboards. Just really poor taste.


  2. I just wanted to see what folks thought. :)

    I will leave my personal feelings out of this.

    maybe. no, I will. I think.



  3. i was contacted by them the other day
    about an open design position, want it?
    Norfolk VA?
    wrong area for me.


  4. i think it’s important in all cases to separate individuals with only personally proclaimed affiliations and individuals acting officially under a given umbrella.

    in other words, there are lots of assholes that give every cause a bad name, but they’re rarely endorsed by official bodies.

    as for the giuliani ad, i agree. it is not only tasteless, but bad marketing: the hype and controversy obscures the message. if they had, instead, done a /switch style campaign and found cancer patients with those forms of cancer linked to animal proteins, and had them volunteer to be in the ads, it would have really hit people and made them at least momentarily confront the message…

    i do think it could be a good place to work, though, mihow. may as well continue the correspondance…?


  5. I am not so sure about Norfolk Virginia. I just thought this was a perfect opportunity to stir things up. :)

    It’s far from DC.


  6. PETA just takes everything to the upmost extreme. It seems to me that they end up mucking up what the ‘real issues’ are. There’s a difference between protecting animals from harm (aka cruel treatment/death) and then protesting against drinking milk. It just seem over the top.

    Also, I hate how it became the “cool charity” for lame celebrities to jump on the bandwagon. Pink now is all for PETA. Are we supposed to care?


  7. well, not that I’m a PETA member or anything, but industrialized dairy farming is extremely harmful to the animals involved in most cases.

    i do agree that anyone who might protest other people drinking milk, categorically, is being a bit silly, since, if nothing else, they don’t know that the milk didn’t come from a cow who has a pleasant life and was producing milk without hormone injections, etc.

    wanting to raise awareness about the harmful effects of dairy on human health is one thing, but mocking a man’s cancer against his will is another, i agree.

    other than the giuliani thing, though, most of the reports against PETA (the organization) that I’ve heard lately seem to actually be about fanatical members acting on their own and claiming the actions for the group. while cynicism might afford us the opportunity to insist there is some behind-the-scenes official guidance, lack of evidence too often strips that opportunity…

    as for celebs backing something – well, we can always hold their own apparent flippancy against celebs, but let’s not hold it against organizations.

    hell, Michael J. Fox didn’t do shit for ALS charities until he got it. That could be seen as selfish (“let’s get behind them so they can cure me”) if we want to be really cynical, but we could never hold it against any of the groups he supports, right?


  8. oh, another thing, just for the record…
    the ELF, ALF, Earth First, and many direct-action groups consider PETA a pansy organization, since they usually condemn radical political actions, even in the name of animal rights. they usually consider PETA a haven for those who want a safe place to passively bitch and moan.

    also, lots of folks consider some of PETA’s past ad campaigns to be incredibly sexist (’”I’d rather wear nothing that wear fur!” ads), with naked or nearly-naked women (only women) posing…

    all in all, i suppose they’re a decent enough organization, but their Achilles heal is their tendency to go toward sensationalism instead of education or activism. of course, as i’ve found from my line of work, marketing departments are usually small but vocal, the only ones who are heard, but in and of themselves a minority. i think even one good, aggressive, intelligent person with good ideas joining the organization could very well shift things and earn some respect for a cause that is worth being supported.


  9. Megan was able to say what I was too lazy to type out and she did it in a much more intelligent way than I would have. Thanks.

    And Michele, I think PETA might have a problem with you considering the size of shmitty the kitty. What are you feeding that thing, small children?


  10. he stopped eating children about 5 years ago.

    he’s on to bigger and better things now.

    namely, old
    women and people who liked Signs.


  11. My whole thing is that I’d just like to meet a “normal” PETA supporter. Not one who stands on a street corner in Royal Oak, MI, naked with a freakin’ “Stop wearing fur” sign. Seems like the lady has a “I want 15 min. of fame” issue she wants to work through then saving little Fluffy.

    Just 1 PETA supporter who isn’t 100% crazy.


  12. Melissa and I are going to see Signs this weekend, and I plan on liking it. Dammit, I WILL like this movie.


  13. ty Poopington: Eat Another Day”


  14. Megan, my roommate in college was a member. His name is Eric. He sang the “Poopie Pants” song like no other. He was not crazy. I wonder if he is still a member… hmmmmm.

    He once filled my bed with Purple Skittles. Isn’t there gelatin in Skittles? Hmmmmm that hypocrite.


  15. You guys are making me hungry!


  16. Please note:

    Purple Skittles. All caps.

    I am not of knowing why. :/


  17. PETA? Them’s good eats!


  18. PETA? Them’s good eats!


  19. PETA? Them’s good eats!


  20. damn, triple posts!
    a menage of posts if you will!
    heh (more sex talk)


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