Raccoons and fireflies

If I had a car I would drive it along route 80 tonight, headed west towards Pennsyltuckey. I would like to wade through water gap by dusk. I want to creep up on the Susquehanna and tell it to slow down. It will tell me to take my own advice, I am sure. Their are huge fireflies along roadways all over Pennsylvania, they flicker firefly style, on and off, on and off, and when they’re off they move into unknown spaces. Hit random, move. Hit random, move. Do these little things surprise anyone else? They blink. They’re blinking bugs. I wonder what raccoons think. Someone should ask them when it’s dark. And then hand them a dollar sign sack and a gun that shoots fireflies.

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  1. did you catch them and then smash them
    up on your arms and fingers so you could glow as well?
    we did.
    good times!


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